Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Isolated host instances that won’t go away, even when you terminate them

This can possibly be Stopping you from deploying things?

There is a backdoor way, and I do not recommend this in production unless it’s your only option.

If you know the back end of BizTalk and the databases, all of these instances, are stored in the messagebox database. You need to go in here and remove them, all of a sudden they disappear.

First we need to find the instance we want to remove.

Get the instance ID from here.

Go off to the Message Box Database, in the instances table are all of your current instances, its best to only remove the one you are looking at.

To remove it, simply delete the row.

The instance is now gone from the admin console.

Another trick, is isolated adapter instances, typically have the same class id. Or in the table, the uidClassID.

You can get the class id, and delete ALL instances of isolated adapter, by using uidClassID as your parameter.

On all BizTalk environments I have looked at, this class ID seems to be the same.

Use this method with care, it is unsupported, and you do it at your own risk, usual disclaimer.

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