Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BAM Portal Not Installing

You installed BizTalk Server

You want to config BAM Portal see this error:

Failed to validate BAM Portal Web site (BAMPortal)
   Additional information:
      The BAM Portal website Default Web Site is not valid.
      Exception from HRESULT : 0x80005008(System.DirectoryServives)

Basically its not allowing you to select the default website, its giving a red cross. 

Simple Solution:
  1. Open the Server Manager MMC snap-in (right-click on Computer and select the Manage option).
  2. Expand the features node.
  3. Select the Web Server node.
  4. Look through the role services.  Check for IIS 6 Management Compatibility and see if it says it is installed.
  5. If not installed, click Add Role Services on right of screen.  Select the IIS 6 Management Compatibility and install.
  6. Go back to BizTalk configuration, the BAM Portal feature should now install without any issues.

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