Thursday, October 18, 2012

Microsoft Integration MVP

I am so pleased to announce the new MVP Category.

Microsoft Integration MVP

I have always been doing integration, for the last 12 years I've been doing integration, it's just something about being able to reach out to other business systems and not just make them talk to each other make the connections between them dance. Lay down the right architecture and make it work.

The technology I used also varied, be it WCF, BizTalk, Azure, SQL Azure, Azure XYZ. , SharePoint, SQL Server or anything else, when you do integration you previously had to choose which MVP to be…

Now thanks to Microsoft you don’t need to choose anymore…. 

I could not be happier with the name as it correctly reflects exactly what we do, I will write posts and articles on any of these topics all under the banner of integration, and all on the Microsoft technology stack. Bring it on I say.

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