Sunday, April 1, 2012

Publishing an InfoPath form to Sharepoint 2010 for WebBrowser

Publishing an InfoPath form to SharePoint 2010 is not that difficult, what is difficult is getting it published when it has code behind for the use in the Web Browser.

I recently battled with this, and I must say it’s better than it used to be, making InfoPath VERY powerful, particularly if you can use code behind, and even call your own .net dll’s from the form.

For most they have got somewhere, but have not got it fully working.. if you are one of these people read on. 

Do you want to activate it in the site collection, but can't upload it?

First you need to do this:

1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.
2. Click General Application Settings.
3. On the General Application Settings page under InfoPath Forms Services, click Upload form template.

You GET: ERROR: This form template has not been published. Open the form in the InfoPath Designer and publish the form to SharePoint using the Administrator-approved form template method in the Publishing Wizard.

Do the following:

Important: Ensure that the security and trust is set to full trust, with a certificate.

1. Publish the form to SharePoint from InfoPath.
2. Note down where you published it: http://msite/template.xsn
3. Go to your web browser and go to this URL, download the PUBLISHED template.xsn
4. SAVE IT locally.


4a. Better way: Publish it to a network location say c:\MyFormTemplates, you do not need it in SharePoint YET.
5. Now upload the {template}.xsn, (Rename if you like) to SharePoint admin.

You should get: The form template has been successfully uploaded to the farm. To make the form template available in a site collection, activate the form template from the Manage Form Templates page or from the feature activation page in the site collection.

6. Now you can activate it in your site collection... etc...

Go to your site where you want to use the form.

Site settings / site collection administration

Site collection features

Look for your Infopath Form Template, (it's sorted alphabetically)

Press Activate

THE KEY to enabling the form for the browser is in how you set up your form library...

Under Site/{FormLibraryName}/form library settings/ advanced settings.

SAY Allow management of content types = YES

Then hit ok.

Now go down to content types, and defined your content type, say add from existing site content types, which you just activated... You do remember the NAME of the form you uploaded in admin before??

Make sure that it is the default content type, and everything will be good. 
Grant permissions to your users, and have them press new document, and up comes your form in the browser...

You can then put your workflow on the form library, or hook BizTalk up to the form Library, and you have full end to end Form and Workflow.


Armandre said...

Buenas tardes,yo tengo este problema,pero no me a quedado,tengo dudas en unos pasos que me mencionas,me podrĂ­as ayudar de favor.

Paul Somers Connected Systems Blog said...

These are the steps I followed, and had to work out, and I managed to get it to work, it needs to be followed exactly, once done the potential is endless.

Leslie Lim said...

Wonderful article. I learned a lot from it. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting more. Looking forward for more update. God bless.


Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for this post. Keep it up. Hope to read more post from you guys.